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The Case of Western Athletic Clubs, Incorporated

            Hospitality law is associated with the lodging industries, food services and travel industry. This type of law governs multiple nuances of country club, hotel, bar or restaurant as well as convention industries. In addition, hospitality law encircles all laws including real estate, torts, contracts and anti-trust laws. Hospitality laws have been brought forth by an increased awareness regarding food illness and food poisoning. Therefore, these laws covers different types of businesses in which hotel and restaurant business are common client of hospitality law. .
             Introduction to the Case.
             All the clubs found in the County offers Junior Membership Program that provides facility for younger members with discount in joining fees. This case is involves Javorsky and Western Athletic Clubs, Inc whereby the man named Daniel Javorsky appeal on Unruh Civil Act and Unfair competition regarding the Junior Membership Program. The Western Athletic Clubs, Inc serves as a health and fitness club whereby it discounts initiation fee along dues program for all members who have attained the age of 18 years to 29 years of age. Most of the people have questioned whether these programs are against the state age discrimination or even Federal laws on discrimination. The case regarding Western Athletic Clubs, Inc was brought before the California Court. .
             The Issue.
             The issue in this case is discrimination and violation of the Unruh Civil Rights Act. The reason is because the claims made by the plaintiff relate to unreasonable discrimination practices against young members when they seek health fitness for their well-being. The issue surrounding the case is that Unruh Act outlaw unreasonable discrimination, arbitrary or even invidious practices. The fact is that discrimination can be reasonable but not arbitrary in view of the nature of a firm or even its facility when it comes to compliment with the legal requirements as well as public support on disparate treatment.

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