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Creative Perks of Being a Wallflower

             I have started my sophomore year, although I don't feel very different. Brad and Patrick don't even sit near each other. I wasn't planning on continuing to write to you. However, I decided that it was rude to just stop writing to you. I think I am starting to succeed in participating in life. I joined a club at school. It's called Safe and Healthy schools. We have a bunch of positive initiatives to support things like anti-bullying, standing up against women's abuse and so much more. I think it's good for me and it makes my mother happy that I am finally apart of something. I've met a few people out of this club and I think we might almost be considered friends now. I met a girl and she reminds me of Sam. Her name is Vienna It's not similarities in the way they look but how they act. I feel like I am doing enough. Any way, it's getting late I'll try my very best attempt to keep up with you. Thank you!.
             Love always,.
             September 13, 1992.
             Dear Friend,.
             I have been very busy with school. I've fallen slightly behind again because of Bill's English class again. It's not that I'm not trying as hard it's just that I'm attempting to read more into the books, reading is not the tough part it's trying to read further into the "meaning" as Bill calls it. Maybe I'm overthinking it again. Yesterday I saw Patrick and Brad talk to each other for the first time in weeks. I don't know if anything has happened at all between them at all but I hope they fixed all the rough stuff between them. Yesterday Vienna from Safe and healthy schools gave me her number. I haven't texted or called her yet because I don't really have anything to say. I want to interest her in the way I wasn't able to interest Sam. I think on the 18th I'll text her. That's what Bob told me to do, he said that in life it will work out better if I wait, I don't understand but Bob has a lot of unique knowledge so I'm listening to him.

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