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Solving Conflicts with Humility

            "I believe the first step of a truly great man is in his humility" by John Ruskin.
             Humility is an essential key to help everybody out of the darkness of their ignorance. It is the ability to acknowledge the fact of life that everyone has different obstacles to overcome, problems to solve, and mistakes to learn from. Someone who spends his life taking care and protecting other people shows humility. In the first book of "The Iliad" and in the "Prodigal Son" and the "Book of Ruth", humility saves the characters from false pride, arrogance and projecting their own problems onto other people. The conflicts in the aforementioned books are solved through humility.
             In the first book of "The Iliad", humility is presented as a human value that would help anyone to avoid becoming or remaining as an arrogant and ignorant person. One conflict in this book that can be seen in the line numbers 200-220 proved this statement. The lines stated how Akhilleus managed his anger and stay calm even though he had his chance to keep Bryseis and fight the heralds back. He just sat by his hut and spoke to Agamemnon's messenger calmly. "Peace to you, soldiers and couriers of Zeus and men! Come forward. Not one thing have I against you; Agamemnon is the man who sent you for Briseis. Here then, my Lord Patroklos, bring out the girl and give her to these men" (Book One, 388-393) Without any further do, the.
             heralds went back, returning to Achaean ships, with Briseis on their hands. Akhilleus' action in that situation showed humility. He gave up his pride, put away his anger and bitterness and retain his dignity. Instead of fighting back, knowing that he is greater and stronger among the heralds and they are in his territory, he just let them accomplish their mission of going into his hut and in tears, he stretched his hands and prayed repeatedly to Thetis, his beloved mother. His patience, tolerance, and will to understand situations helped to prevent any more problems and to solve the conflict itself.

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