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The Life and Times of Me

            My name is Kudakwashe Solomon Mavuru and I was born on the second of April 1998 in Gweru. I am the first born in a family of three boys. I grew up in Mkoba, Gweru and by then my father was an ordinary primary school teacher and my mother was an ordinary house wife. At this tender age ,my parents usually left me at my grandparents ' house and I really liked the regular visits .My grandfather used to tell me interesting stories about war, our family roots, his life and many other stories which covered interesting aspects of life. At the age of three, I started to go to an early learning center in Mkoba five. I really disliked going to school and my parents had to force me to attend each and every day. My father was transferred to go and work at Mberengwa Primary School, when I was still five years old. By that time my relationship with schoolwork was now climax and I really enjoyed reading short stories and other books way ahead above my level. In Mberengwa , there was no early learning center so my parents decided that I should start grade one since I could read and write like any other child who was doing grade one.
             I found life in Mberengwa to be fascinating since I had lived a city life for quite a while. A year later my father was transferred again to another school in Shurugwi. He decided that we should rent a house in Mkoba 9 where my mother and I would reside whilst he was at work. I started doing my primary education at Budiriro Primary School in 2004.What I disliked though was that the school said I had to start Grade 1 once again since I was young. It was an advantage though and teachers were very impressed with my performance. They found it fascinating that I could read and write so easily. They called my parents to school and they asked them if they were interested in me skipping a grade. My parents agreed and I continued to dominate in the second grade. I was a small boy in my class and all the time I was bullied.

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