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Freedom by Pharrell Williams

            13 days after the mass shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, Pharrell Williams' song "Freedom" was released on June 30, 2015. Williams' motive for writing the song is to show that he is advocating freedom because slavery is still being practiced around the globe. Pharrell went around the country and used various ethnicities to portray the different ways the human population is enslaved. Through music, Pharrell Williams created a very impactful explanation of his emotions using all three rhetorical appeals, ethos, pathos (empathy) and logos (logic). Freedom should not have to be fought for, but should be a right as soon as you're conceived in the womb. Pharrell's song, Freedom, is one of his greatest compositions because he used music and visuals to reveal the adversity that is occurring across the globe.
             Mental slavery is when someone or something that forces you to strive to be or do what is considered the norm to them controls your thoughts. Here in the United States, many women are mentally enslaved to the idealism of having a perfect body, always having the newest makeup collection and having the nicest wardrobe to be acceptable in society's eyes. Many women have admitted to starving themselves or have induced vomiting to lose weight in order to have the physique of a model. In Georgia, a few teenagers felt the weave in an eight-year-olds hair was poor-quality hair and decided to pull the tracks out of her hair, which partially removed her scalp as well. In another incident, a group of teenagers trailed a girl because she couldn't afford a brand new pair of Jordan's and her hair was not styled. The teenager eventually responded by attacking one of the bullies. In Freedom's music video, women were standing in rows dressed in unappealing outfits with holes in them, cheap wigs that weren't combed and their faces were zombie-like as if they were exhausted from trying to be attractive to others.

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