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Personal Narrative - The Death of Robin Williams

            There are many events in life that happen that can affect the world. These significant events change the way people perceive the world and how the handle situations or interpret different things. Events like 9/11 terrorist attacks and the falling of the Berlin wall affected people around the world, and in some cases brought them closer together. But there are certain smaller events such as an inspirational celebrity's death that can change many people's perspectives on life. A certain celebrity's death that shocked the world was the death of the actor Robin Williams. Robin Williams was a great man with many colors and his death brought many people sadness, including me.
             It was August 11th, it was a summer day and the first day of school was getting closer and closer. That day was just like any summer day for me, I just relaxed at home trying to enjoy my last days of freedom before heading off to school. That evening my family and I ate dinner around 6:45 pm. Wheel of Fortune was on and at around 7:15 I finished my delicious meal made by my mother, washed my hands and started to head upstairs. As I was on my way up I heard the TV switch from Wheel of Fortune and it came on with a Breaking News report. I didn't really pay attention until I heard David Muir say "We have some said news tonight as we have just learned that 63 year old actor Robin Williams has died". When I heard that I turned around and ran down the stairs to hear the rest of what David Muir had to say. When he finished with the report I was in shock. I could not believe what I was hearing. Robin Williams was a huge part of my childhood. I watched a lot of his movies such as "Mrs. Doubtfire", "Aladdin", "Jumanji", and "RV". As a matter of fact during freshman year in my English class taught by Ms. Svincek we watched "Dead Poets Society", one of his most inspirational movies.

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