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My Experience Learning Music Theory

            The day I realized my true calling is a day I will never forget. My hands were shaking and my throat was dry as I walked with her nervously. As I stood there, staring into Mrs. Feazell's eyes, waiting anxiously for some bad news, she started smiling. She starts messing with the piano expression on her face saying, "I have gooood neeeewwwsss!" She told me that my sight reading test was great and asked me if she could play it for the class. At that moment my first thought was "Thanks to you, Mrs. Feazell!" My second thought was,"I want to inspire and help others this same way.".
             The music theory class in my freshman year was very difficult because of all the chromatic and diminished scales we had to know every week and sing them as well. When Mrs. Feazell passed out our grades, I was shocked to see a C. After all my hard work I still ended up with a C? I decided to practice more and try to focus more in class, and my test scores improved drastically. Soon my overall grade started to stabilize. I realized that in order to get the grade I want, I had to be consistent with every test given. Music Theory will be the main thing I will teach students before we travel anywhere to compete! .
             Mrs. Feazell was my choral teacher in that ninth grade year. Despite the fact that my first class with her was filled with seniors, she made me feel very comfortable. I myself, wanted to pull that C up, so she suggested that I go to different websites that provided practice for me. Thanks to her advice, my C turned into a B+. With her continuous support, my B+ eased into an A. .
             She encouraged me to become a leader in the choral activities. As a result of her encouraging words, I became the president of Chamber Singers as a mere sophomore. Usually a teacher will give advice and leave the student to fend for himself. However, she stood beside me till the end. This school year, she gave her time and energy to prepare me for college auditions.

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