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What is Ultimate Reality?

            Christianity, just as any other religion, has a number of beliefs or protocols to follow in order to show one's love for their God. When we look at Christianity, there are multiple messages of how the gospel of Luke 4:1-13; 15:3-32 can relate and help us in our daily lives. Luke 4:1-13 is a passage that focuses on the temptation of Jesus by the devil over the course of forty days in the wilderness. While Luke 15:3-32 contains the parables about a lost coin, sheep, son, the father's love, and the older brother. Following the theme of "What is ultimate reality?" I believe these parables give a little insight of how people follow the belief of God to grow a closer relationship with him and how society incorporates the teachings of God into their lives. .
             When we break down the sections of Luke 4:1-13 there are three major temptations that Jesus was faced by the devil but it all leads to being fulfilled with the holy spirit. Satan's first temptation was using the three words "son of god." He uses this to his advantage to prove his power of nature and to satisfy his hunger after not eating for forty days by turning stones into bread. Jesus then remembers that he was sent into the wilderness in preparation for his mission with God. In order to defeat this temptation, he answers back referring to something that was already stated by God, "It is written, 'One does not live by bread alone.'" (Luke 4:5) The second temptation presented was by the riches, privileges, glory, and power to rule the kingdoms if and only Jesus were to worship him, he could have it all. (Luke 4:6-7) One of the obvious temptation that we face, is Jesus answering to this by referring once again to what is written, but this time it is the first commandment, "You shall have no other gods before me." Only worshiping one god. The final temptation from Satan was at the pinnacle of the temple in Jerusalem, which is the holiest place on earth.

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