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Abortion - One Last Heartbeat (APA)

            Since 1987, there has been a debate on the physical and psychological implications on the health of a woman. In 1973, the American Supreme Court legalized abortion following the letter to the then President Reagan on the research findings of the minimal effects associated with the choice to abort (Eastek, 2007). There is an existent legal and moral controversy over the consequences of abortion in the mental health of an individual. Most Republicans and their supporters in America focus on the religious aspect of viewing abortion as murder because it is the elimination of a person. The Democrats, however, concentrate on the choice as a woman's responsibility because she has control over what happens in her body. This concept follows the recent legalization of abortion under the democratic rule in America and legal operation of the abortion and family planning clinics.
             Abortion causes psychological retributions that relate to the morality of the matter. Pregnancy happens as a result of intercourse whether conventional or non-consensual. Many women get pregnant through irresponsible behavior such as fornication and therefore should be responsible in case of conceiving. When a woman gets rid of the pregnancy, they are performing murder on an innocent victim who gets no chance to live their purpose that God intended for them. After an abortion procedure, most women feel like they have killed a person and therefore are psychologically tormented. They see children running on the streets and feel guilty for participating in the murder of God's creation. People choose not to abort because they fear the moral implications that shall taunt them as a result.
             Research methods and the significance of the study on the effects of abortion on mental health.
             The research methods used to examine the effects of abortion on mental health are the randomized experimental designs where there is a rigorously defined control, independent, and outcome variables.

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