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Accepting Myself and My Body

             I did not choose this body type but it certainly chose me. Since I was ten, the only thing I have been associated with are the masses of flesh attached to my chest, and at the age of seventeen nothing has changed. I choose among a plethora of intriguing titles, most too crude to mention, therefore leaving me to speak of the remaining most common labels of which are "curvy" and "big chested." Although there is nothing inherently evil with my body, when a woman has a chest as large as mine it dominates your appearance, drawing endless unwanted attention, as well as objectification. Attached to this attention comes un necessary stereotypical labels, allowing people to have presuppositions of me based solely off of my body type. Whether it is that I am stuck up, loose, or flaunting my body, these degrading labels portray the attitude of society which pushes the agenda that a persons value is determined by their physical appearance. Since a child I was always told to cover up, being lectured on cleavage bringing me into a place where I became ashamed of the body I did not even determine as my own. In Junior High I even wrapped my breasts in bandages because I was so ashamed of the attention they drew. It was not till recently that I made the decision to take claim of my title of "busty", completely aware of my motives. Wether male, female, big, or small chested society shies away from the term "busty." I do not claim this title in order to make people feel uncomfortable or even aroused, rather it is just coming to terms with the body type I have been given and embracing myself for what I truly am, "busty." .
             This term is not meant to be negative or full of self pity, rather is just stating an obvious point. "Busty" seems to be as straightforward as needed. It isn't a trend envied by media, or something to find embarrassment from, it is in your face.

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