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The Basics of Karma and Reincarnation

            In our world nowadays, you will hear almost everyone say, "what goes around comes around," but do they know what that really means? "What goes around comes around" is the basic fundamental of Karma. According to Webster's dictionary, Karma is defined as, "seen as bring upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation." Karma is originated from Hinduism and Buddhism. Buddhist believe in this present life, if one has done an unpleasant action, he or she will have to suffer in this life or in the future life, while actions of previous lives are to determine this life and future life. While many people or religions do not believe in Karma, the Law of Karma does effect lives as early as birth, influence those who may not fully believe in the religion behind Karma, and have a lasting effect on communities with diverse backgrounds.
             In this lifetime, everyone is different from each other. Some are born into a rich family, while others are born into a life of poverty. Some are born with intelligence, and others seem to be idiotic. Some are born perfectly healthy, while other are blind, deaf, and deformed, etc. What is cause of all of this diversity? According to The Buddha Journey, the author, Quang Tri, a Buddhist monk stated, "Karma is essentially Law of Moral causation. Nothing is accidental or random; nothing is by chance when it comes to the circumstance of our lives. Everything has a cause and because of that cause, it had an effect." What Tri is trying to show here is that the diversity on Earth is not by accident, but has been purposefully. Due to Karma and Reincarnation, people who have caused harm in the past, will have a harmful effect in the future. So when some are born with privileges and others with disabilities, that was all decided before we were even born. Tri also states, "Nothing happens to us unless it's something that we deserve, whether good or bad.

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