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            Who can tell me what reincarnation really is? Well, reincarnation is essentially the rebirth of one soul into another body. Think of it as transmigration (explain) This other body does not have to be human; it can consist of any life form. It all depends on the quality of deeds performed throughout ones lifetime. If good deeds are performed, one is reincarnated into a "good" life form. If bad deeds are performed, one may be reincarnated into a "bad" life form. Some people also believe that reincarnation is a bad thing since one never gets to stay in ultimate supreme reality and is continuously put back on the earth. However, this can also be a good thing as one might be needed on earth to carry out certain tasks. Think of it as dharma, karma, and atman. (explain each).
             Some believe that reincarnation is actually true because of the differences in the quality of life between different people. .
             Some people are rich; others are at the brink of starvation.
             Some people have a perfectly healthy life; others are marred with diseases, viruses, and various other health conditions.
             Some have success without being religious. Others are constant losers. .
             The original doctrine of reincarnation was established in India around 9th century BCE. Other eastern religions expanded and adopted the concept in centuries to come. .
             Religions in the Mediterranean had very different beliefs of reincarnation. Greek Platonism stated "the pre existence of the soul in a celestial world and its fall into a human body are due to sin". In order to be liberated from its bondage and return to a state of pure being, the soul needs to be purified through reincarnation. The first important Greek philosophical system to adopt similar views on reincarnation to Hinduism was Neo Platonism. This occurred in the 3rd Century CE. .
             Now, we all know a bit about reincarnation. Let me explain why I am doing the topic I am doing. I have always been amazed by this simple idea of a soul being reborn over and over again.

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