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            Is there such a thing as life after death? Do we only live only once, or do we return after death and experience many different lives? The concept of reincarnation encompasses the belief that the soul of man is divine and eternal. To many reincarnation means, we continue to live until we have learned to identify with our own divine reality instead of materiality. Nothing is lost in these series of rebirths. All that has been gained stays a permanent part of the soul's individuality. Lessons failed will be met again and again until they are learned. The question of reincarnation has been examined for thousands of years and has been embraced to various degrees by numerous religions. The adoption of reincarnation can be found in Hindu scriptures dating back to 600 BCE, as time has progressed suggestions of reincarnation began to be found in Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism and Christianity to name a few. Scientists speculate that even the people who lived during the New Stone Age (10,000B.C.E - 5,000B.C.E) believed that once a person died, their journey had not yet concluded. 250 million Hindus and 150 million Buddhists are brought up with an understanding of re-birth, which briefly means that our spirit is continuous and requires more than one physical life to attain to a state of purity . It seems to me that if so many people in the world believe in reincarnation and life-after death it at least deserves open minded consideration.
             Over the years a good deal of serious research is being conducted into reincarnation, a growing number of highly credentialed researchers have compiled an impressive body of evidence on the subject. All of the studies that have been conducted thus far do not however prove beyond a doubt that reincarnation or life-after death actually exists. The findings of numerous research conducted by numerous researchers do however offer substantial evidence as to the existence of reincarnation and life-after death.

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