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The US Open Market for Transplant Organs

             This research paper explores the applicability of an open market for human organs in the U. It gives information about the current situation of organ transplants, examines the controversy around experts of the subject and provides a middle ground solution to efficiently cope with the problem of organ shortage. A few decades ago, the idea of a market for human organs would have been unthinkable. Now, it is not only imaginable but also pressing because of recent medical advances and the outgrowing number of people waiting for organ transplants to save their lives. Throughout this paper, the appropriateness, the benefit, the morality and the unpleasant effects of such market will be discussed. .
             Open Market for Transplant Organs in the United States.
             One of the most critical issues in health care is the shortage of organs needed for transplantation. In the U.S, the sale of transplant organs is prohibited by the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 (NATO), meaning that an organ needed to save a life can only be used if it was donated for free. Unfortunately, the shortage continues to defy the law of supply and demand. As a result, the consequences are alarming. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (2014), approximately 124, 000 people sit on the waiting list, 21 die every day and over 9500 will join the list next year. How can this tragic issue be solved? Does an open market for human organs cope with the problem? Can money be a good incentive? In order to respond to these questions, it is crucial to explore the arguments for a free market, those against it, as well as other interesting perspectives.
             Angelica Nieves, 30 years old, was doing great while working as a housekeeper in a hotel and living by herself in Brooklyn, New York. She started experiencing shortness of breath but her doctor assured her that it was asthma. Soon, she could not eat anymore. Angelica really suffers of a congestive heart failure, the disease that killed her mother when she was young girl.

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