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Immigration - Boosting the U.S. Economy

            There are two main viewpoints of whether immigrants are good for the American economy. One is an argument against immigrants in the U.S, that they are not helpful, and the other argument is that immigrants should be allowed to work and reside in the U.S. Immigrants are definitely beneficial to the United States' economy and this was proved in the 19th century and can be proved today. Even though there are mixed opinions about this controversial matter, both immigrants and the U.S. are part of a mutual relationship, helping each other out in different ways. Immigration was a big part of why I was born in England and why my family lives in the United Kingdom today. My grandparents migrated from India to England when they were teenagers in order to create better lives for themselves as well as their future families and they have succeeded in doing so. I am very grateful that they were able to do this, as I may not have been in Stetson if they hadn't done so. In my view, immigrants are able to help out the economy of the country that they choose to live in because I have seen it happen first hand with my own family. .
             The relationship between immigrants and the U.S that exists in the world of today wasn't formed from nothing; however, it was formed and made to be the way it is now due to a mutual relationship in the late 19th century. This foregoing relationship was started between the United States & its development as a country and immigrants coming from overseas to settle in the country. These immigrants, back in the late 19th century, would increase the population of the country, which would simultaneously increase the labor force and increase transportation and communications across the country. In turn, this helped with the industrialization of America and its economy back in the day to make it what it is at present. Many people, mostly from Eastern & Southern Europe, migrated to American cities during the 1880's and 1890's because it was becoming known as the land of opportunity; they moved in hope of having a better lifestyle than the ones that they had in their native lands (Brinkley).

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