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Tobacco And Smoking

            Tobacco is an extremely harmful substance that can be bought almost anywhere on Earth, yet people still consume it even though they know it's harmful. The most common way to consume tobacco is to smoke it. Smoking can harm you socially, physically, and mentally.
             Many people think it is "cool" to smoke. But, it is actually the other way around. People don't like to be around people who smoke because they smell bad. A smoker's sweat is even fouler than that of a normal person's. Cigarettes contain tar, a harmful, thick, sticky substance that causes cancer. The body has no other way to dispose this substance other than sweating it out, which causes the smoker's sweat to become yellow and putrid. Putrid sweat is not the only socially damaging result of smoking, rancid breath is also. It is pretty obvious. You inhale the smoke from the cigarette through your mouth. Cigarette smoke, as everyone has all smelled before, is not a pleasant scent. Along with the normal person's bad breath, which is usually tolerable, it is going to repel people who come in contact with you. Mouth rinse and extra brushing is not going to solve this problem. This smell stays in your mouth until you quit smoking. There are still more socially repulsive results of smoking that I have not mentioned, but the putrid sweat and rancid breath is more than enough to send people packing!.
             Not only does smoking harm you socially, it also harms you physically. It causes numerous types of cancers because every puff of a cigarette contains 43 cancer-causing chemicals. This alone will kill you, and if this doesn't other things caused by smoking will. Smoking triggers leukemia, a disease cuts or bruises cause abnormal bleeding that lasts longer than that of an average person and causes the person with it to be more susceptible to diseases. There is not really a cure for leukemia yet, and it would not be a smart or healthy choice to get it, especially from smoking.

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