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Parent Child Psychology

             Have you ever listened to your parents when they say, "When you get to be my age you"ll know why?" Have you ever actually thought about that, about how much they affect you everyday? Many psychologists have pondered how much parents affect their children, even on a subconscious level. How parents treat you, how they treat themselves, all plays a role in how a you will develop. Most parents are good parents and they treat their children with respect and dignity, although there are still a few parents that do not treat their kids well. These parents cause major damage on how a child will mature into an adult. A lot of times a child will keep emotions hidden inside all of their life. When an individual keeps these feelings contained, they cause damage to themselves and prevent true maturation. Subconsciously these feelings can play a very important role on how an individual treats others, and himself. .
             Freud developed his psychological theory that every person's psychosocial development is motivated by instinctual sexual drives initially activated in infancy. These drives typically result in conflict situations in our youth that get repressed in our subconscious and initiates an inner psychodynamic state of turmoil for which psychoanalysis provides the release. Freud theorized that individuals come into this world and go through sequential stages of development where their libidinal gratification is focused on oral, then anal, then phallic physical stimulation. Freud taught parents to be permissive and allow children to work their way through problem situations without parents causing internal trauma in the child by being too strict in their expectations with their child. Freud's theory advised parents to be careful not to damage children's psyches by disciplining them, because even psychoanalysis might not be able to undo the damage parental discipline can produce. Freud taught that parents should guide their child's development by creating a warm parent-child bond and helping a child through interactive talk to uncover and reveal the unconscious conflicts that are inhibiting the child's progression.

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