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The Draft

             No, I"m not talking about a draft of writing or the NBA draft. I"m talking about the draft that killed off a generation of men. The draft that sent great minds over seas to eventually fill their minds with suicidal nightmares. I"m talking about the draft that issued people graduating out of high school to join the armed forces. I believe that a draft should never be instated again. For I fear of having to join the armed forces and leave everything I love behind.
             The draft was first instated during WWI. This draft made graduates of high school enlist in the armed forces and serve so many years. If a person was chosen to go serve and did not want to they were put in prison for a minimum of so many years. During WWI, Germany and many other countries also had a draft. The draft over in these countries killed off a generation of men that could have held knowledge to fascinating discoveries. The draft here in the United States could do the same thing. Not necessarily kill off a generation, but waste brilliant knowledge on the needed knowledge of pulling a trigger. .
             The United States should instead improve the efficiency of each individual soldier, instead of using a mass amount of people to attack at once. People wanting to serve in the armed forces should be allowed to and those not wanting should not be forced to. I know several people, including myself, that wouldn't want to join the armed forces in any case. Fighting is not what we like to do. Our duty might not be keeping our country free, but instead it is keeping out county's economy, government, and other structures of the country together. Ever person does their part for a country. Not all people need to fight for freedom. If we were more diverse and specialized in each structure of the country then the country's efficiency would be a lot greater.
             I also have friends that plan on joining the armed forces. That is their decision and I wish the best of luck to them.

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