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The Color Purple

             One of the most widely known and false stereotypes is that women belong in the kitchen, and men are suppose to make the money. In The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, there are some main characters that prove this stereotype wrong. Their names are Sophia, Shug Avery, and Celie. These women defy this stereotype and make the statement backwards.
             The women in this novel were not always the feminine type who depended on their husband or man. They were independent. Shug for example, she made her living by singing and performing across the country. She did not depend on her husband, Grady. "And now she off on the road for two weeks, and me, Grady, and Squeak rattle round the house tryin to get our stuff together."(P. 218) This quote shows that Shug is off to work again, without Grady helping her out. He stayed home. Sofia is another independent woman, who has manly characteristics. "She not quite as tall as as Harpo but much bigger, and strong and ruddly looking, like her mama brought her up on pork."(P.32) Sofia would rather work in the fields than be in the kitchen cooking. This is shown in her relationship with Harpo. He is the one who is usually cooking and cleaning in the house, while she is in the fields. This is not the typical woman characteristic. It is quite the contrary. Celie also broke out of the stereotype, but this happened later in the book, after Shug influenced her. "You a low down dog is what's wrong, I say. It's time to leave you and enter into Creation. And your dead body is just the welcome mat I need."(P. 207) This is significant because here she declares her independence from Mr.____. And she is ready to start a new life without him. Celie soon finds she has the talent of making pants. Shug encourages her to make this her career. "You make your living, Celie, she say. Girl you on your way." This is also very important because Shug praises Celie for finally becoming a stable independent woman.

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