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The Color Purple

             There is much controversy about weather or not the book, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, is an appropriate reading material for the high school classrooms. The most common examples of book censorship are in schools and most often involving children's literature. Public authorities think that objective books, that should be banned, consist of bad words, unhappy endings, or illegal action. What they do not understand is that the majority of the readers are at least in high school and can comprehend what the author is trying to get across without taking anything offensively. .
             First of all, coming from a high school student, I do not feel a book could foster deviant behavior in a teenager that could eventually lead to an "incident". Teenagers have their mind set on how they are going to act and what they are going to do, and a book is not going to change that. However, if there was a specific event where a person changed their behavior based on a book, I would defiantly consider chancing my stance on censorship. Although I do not view any of the subject matter, language, or issues as controversial in the book, I do fell censorship is warranted under specific circumstances. Language I find most offensive. It's not appropriate or appealing. There are many different word choices that could be used in place of a "naughty" word. But I feel that this is not a strong enough offense that a book should be banned or objected form being read in a classroom. .
             Additionally, it was not uncomfortable discussing any of the content of The Color Purple aloud in class. Discussing the book actually helped me articulate what was happening throughout the story. If for some reason a student was uncomfortable with a certain book that they were expected to read for a class, I still believe that they should be obligated to read it. It just creates another perception of the world coming from somebody else.

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