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color purple

             Alice Walker was highly influenced by the works of Zora Neale Hurston. Both authors show many similar ideas in their books. One similarity between the two authors was what they based the book on. Zora and Alice wrote their books on black women, and the struggles they went through. .
             Alice Walker is following the foot steps of Zora Neale Hurston, when writing The Color Purple. Zora influenced Walker, because Zora wrote about a woman struggling to find love and Walker. There are many similarities between the two authors. In their novels both Janie and Celie get married at a young age, to someone that they do not care for. Celie and Janie were seen as property rather than humans who have a heart. Their husbands wanted to have ownership over their wives, and they showed it by beating them. Another aspect where Zora puts an impact on Walkers writing is what the women in the novel strived for. Janie and Celie want to be there own people. They wanted to be able to control their own lives. They were searching for independence, in a culture that is male-dominated society. The women were restricted from doing certain things that men did. Janie and Celie found love, Janie with Tea Cake and Celie with Shug. In the end of the book both authors ended with the women with more will power and courage.
             Zora Neale Hurston influences Alice Walker greatly. Both show the struggles of being a black woman in the 1920s to the 1940s. Both wrote the novel in a certain African American dialect. Zora and Alice wrote their books on black women, and the struggles they went through. .

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