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When Dogs Cry

            "When Dogs Cry" is your classical inspirational story about an un-achiever coming out on top. Written by award winning author Markus Zusak as a follow up to his previous successes "The Underdog" and "Fighting Ruben Wolfe". .
             Markus was born in Sydney, Australia in 1975. He began his journey into the writing industry with his debut book "The Underdog" which has made its way around across all the continents around the world and has been translated in several different languages.
             "When Dogs Cry" was first published in 2001 by "Pan Macmillian Australia" and is suitable for any growing teen but will still pull the heart strings of any grown up.
             "When Dogs Cry" is an amazing tale of Cameron Wolfe and his ambition to make a better himself, his life and his loved ones. Like the rest of the Wolfe pack, he also wants to find his inner person, his unique personality. The Wolfe pack are made up of Cameron, his father Clifford Wolfe, his mother Mrs. Wolfe, sister Sarah and his 2 brothers Ruben, the playboy and Steve, the oldest brother. This story shows the importance of brotherhood and love but also shows the consequences of it.
             Cameron Wolfe is the Main character in the novel. He is fed up with having to "scavenge for moments of alrightness", he is sick of being a loser, "the kid brother of Ruben Wolfe". He wants his own personality and his own moment of glory.
             The story begins at the Wolfe home making beer ice-blocks in the kitchen with Rubens latest girlfriend, Octavia. From the moment he meets her, Cameron knows she's different. She at least she knows he existed. To him life seems to be totally unfair. Cam believes that Rube doesn't even love the girls that he brings home yet the still come with him. This is where Cameron and Ruben are different. Cameron wonders when it"ll be his turn to win. When will stop losing out on love and life. If anything he"d like to be able to stop trying to win his brothers approval.

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