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Heaven to Hell

             Joseph was a man who lived in Sweden and had never felt anyone's admiration. He was an orphan who had been left by his parents when he was born, left in the hands of his older brother Benjamin. Now, Benjamin was 41 years-old and had a prosperous business working in the capital, Igloo. Life for Joseph had been dull; the only thing that had ever given him any excitement was his interaction with animals. When his brother left for the city, leaving him alone, he decided to surround himself with animals and bought all types of these. He had no aspirations and he never expected anything from life. He was a man in his early twenties, studying at the local school, living from the profit his animals provided, such as milk, soy, cheese, butter and eggs. Animals became the gravitational force that orbited around him and were a source of freedom for him. .
             The way in which he pastured with animals was the way in which he could establish a relationship between nature and himself. Animals became his first friends. Joseph, while still being a student, received a present from his brother Benjamin who had come to visit him once from the city. Benjamin brought him two lovely Labrador retrievers, one who he named Ka and the other Arla. Time passed and these two fellows became Joseph's best friends. Joseph felt he had finally established the family he once had dreamed of. His new family, the dogs were the only importance and care he had in his life, the whole essence of his life was in then. .
             Benjamin was never at home, so it was difficult for Joseph to establish a good relationship with him by phone. The dogs became the only reason for Joseph to continue living his life, since he had never felt interest for any of the subject either in school or life. When Benjamin left Joseph each week, he sent letters telling Joseph how life was in the city and giving advice to his little brother.
             One morning in winter, the situation in town was getting difficult since snow covered the whole house and the mailbox.

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