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             We all wonder what heaven is and if it exists. For many of us heaven is just an imaginary place but for others it is a very real place where they hope to go after death. Others still think that heaven is right here on earth; that it is up to us to make heaven or hell of what we have. You cannot say that any of these views are non-sense. Everyone of us is different and therefore we each believe what we were tought to believe. In this short paper, I will briefly summarize each view and present my own on what heaven means and is.
             "Heaven doesn't exist outside of earth." This view is seen by people who are not of the Christian, Jewish, and maybe even Muslim faith; i.e. by people who don't believe in God. They don't think that hell or heaven ever existed. It's like, you're here now and don't know where you'll be after you die; live life to the fullest now and don't worry about the afterlife, if there is one. .
             Linked to this view is the view that heaven and hell is here on earth. People of this belief claim that you make your life a livin hell or heaven. Since our topic of discussion here is heaven, for these people heaven is enjoying life to the fullest, having good luck all the time, being materially successful and having whatever one's heart desires. .
             Now those who believe there is an actual place somewhere in the Universe or outside of Universe called "heaven", are mainly people who belive in GOd in one form or another. They believe that if you were good here on earth and performed certain good acts you will go to heaven when you die. If you were an evil person, e.g. a criminal or liar, then your eternal destination is hell, a place of eternal suffering. Christians claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven; that is, you will only go to heaven if you believe in Jesus and accept him as your savior. .
             I am of the belief that Christians follow. I strongly believe that there is a heaven and hell.

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