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Stealing Heaven, Raising Hell

             Peter Abelard is a man of knowledge. While maintaining full classrooms he is satiated with humor. Although Abelard is a teacher of philosophy, he is quick to agitate his superiors. Abelard plays along with his students, acting giddy and youthful. As a philosopher, he has taken a vow of chastity which he takes very seriously. Several of the young men he teaches set him up with a prostitute to test his chastity. Abelard is tempted with knowing a woman, yet he resists his urges and pushes her away. Once Abelard discovered his students were plotting to infect him with a woman, he was actually amused. His superiors were displeased with his actions and forced Abelard to find new lodgings. Abelard made a request to live in the home of Heloise and her uncle. Upon meeting Heloise, Abelard was smitten. Thoughts of Heloise clouded his mind and shrouded his judgment. These impure thoughts created the burning arousal of lust inside his body. Abelard and Heloise love one another repeatedly even after Abelard denounces their relationship. Abelard is torn between his love for knowledge and his love for Heloise. The lovers are caught in the act by Heloise's uncle Filbert. Again, Abelard is forced to find a new home and Heloise is banished to her chamber. When Heloise discovers she is pregnant, her uncle is appalled. Filbert demands the two get married. Abelard is actually pleased with the idea while Heloise would rather remain Abelard's whore. Abelard convinced Heloise to be his bride, uniting them in the eyes of God. Abelard continues to love Heloise, even after they part ways. After his castration, Abelard expresses his undying love for his lady. While Heloise lives in a convent and Abelard continues his teachings, the pair rekindles their love for one another. Until their dying days the two are bound by the bonds of love.
             The true story of Abelard and Heloise is quite different than the depiction in the movie.

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