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Character Essay

            The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play revolving around the Salem witch trials. Throughout the play Abigail Williams is a central character that has an immense influence on the proceedings through out the play. .
             The Crucible by Arthur Miller was written in 1950"'"s, which is set in Salem Massachusetts. The play deals with the Salem witch trials and how they went about dealing with the situation of mass hysteria. The play also has a good theme of how two characters John Proctor and Abigail Williams had an affair but John is married and his wife found out about the it. Abigail still has a lot of feelings for John but he has relised how much he loves his wife and could not risk losing her. Abigail is the main character as she has important issues to deal with due to her love for John Proctor. .
             Abigail and some other adolescent girls were caught by her uncle reverend Parris dabbling in the supernatural (in 1962) in a result of this many people were imprisoned and hanged. The understanding of witchcraft in Salem was that witches must be hanged they also believed that the bible had instructed them to do so. A West Indian slave, Tituba, with her spells and beliefs, joined the girls in the woods. As a result of been seen in the woods Parris became suspicious as Betty Parris who is the daughter of the minister started to behave like she was possessed, as she was lying in a trance and crawling around the floor with her cousin Abigail this behaviour showed to people that they were possessed by the Devil. The whole escapade was taken to court and the girls were naming innocent people to be possessed by the devils powers in a result of this lots of people were hanged. Abigail denied all this, as she was worried about her name and what people would think of her in Salem. One named person was Elizabeth Proctor whom Abigail wants gone as she wants to be with Elizabeth"'"s husband John and she will do anything in her powers to be with him.

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