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Ethics Paper

             The purpose of this paper is to discuss ethics. This will be covered by four topics of which the University of Phoenix has supplied. These topics will establish what ethics are or supposed to be, what are my ethics, where to my ethics come from, and finally how they are manifested in my life. .
             I wish to consider ethics as the study of what is right or what ought to be, so far as this depends upon the voluntary action of individuals. Because it is the individual who must decide, as defined by the dictionary, the principles of right and the moral quality of a course of action. (American Heritage) As individuals we are moved to action not by moral judgments alone, but also by desires and inclinations that operate independently of moral judgment. The question `Why should I do it?' is one, which does not merely prove a certain action to be right, because we ask the question, but also stirs in us a predominant inclination to do the action in a certain way. Individuals of today use a set of principles that have been written, modified, abused and constantly changes since the beginning of known existence. .
             Both secular and religious followings have basic codes of ethics that man is supposed to follow. It is contended by many Utilitarians that all the rules of conduct which men prescribe to one another as moral rules are really---though in part unconsciously---prescribed as means to the general happiness of mankind, or of the whole total of mankind; and it is still more widely held by Utilitarian thinkers that such rules, however they may originate, are only valid so far as their observance is conducive to the general happiness. I use this last description because for myself I tend to lean on a utilitarian plain.
             I look at the world as always in a boxer's stance, ready to fight or defend. To assume that others will treat you as they wish to be treated is foolish or nave. I know that I need to provide for my family and existence first before others.

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