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             As of right now, abortion is legal in all nine months of the pregnancy for any reason. This controversial issue is a question of how important the value of life is. The turning point came in 1973, the Supreme Court's decision in Roe vs. Wade said, women have the right to murder an innocent child only up to twenty-four weeks. This false perception is fueled by groups supporting abortion rights and then uncritically unaccepted by the media. The fact is the current law allows a woman to get an abortion for any reason she deems necessary.
             It seems ironic that people can get so emotional when it comes to animal rights, yet see no wrong in ripping a developed baby from the protection of the mother. It is not the child's fault that he or she was conceived. Some people argue that the developing fetus is not technically a child yet because it cannot live on its own. Most of the procedures in murdering the growing child can be painful to the baby and be harmful to the mother. So how can we as a nation make sure criminals are executed painlessly and let children be murdered by extremely painful measures. At eighteen days after conception, a baby's hearth is already beating, and at six weeks, brain waves can be measured. At eight weeks, the stomach, liver, and kidneys are functioning, and the fingerprints have formed. At nine weeks, the baby can feel pain.
             Seven hundred thousand abortions are preformed when the child is older than nine weeks in the United States each year. Interestingly, ninety-five percent of the abortions are done as a means of birth control. Only one percent is performed due to rape and one percent is do to fetal abnormalities. The remaining three percent are due to the mother's health problems.
             People on the pro-choice side often argue that the child in the womb is not a child until it is born. That has been proven wrong. The child is a person as soon as it is conceived.

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