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Organizational Culture: Company Beliefs or Corporate Brainwa

             Organizational Culture the books say that it "is the set of key values, beliefs, and attitudes shared by organizational members". Organizational Culture is very important in a company; it is what the company stands for. In a way it is also the way that it gets things done, how it conducts itself. Examples of an Organizations Culture is "The customer is always right" or some cultures tend to show that company's particular nitch in its own market for example "Contractor features and Homeowner prices" is belief that the company Ryobi holds very proudly. .
             Organizational Culture is very prevalent in modern businesses today, whether it is stressed very highly or just something that is gone over only during new employee orientation it is most assuredly there. The more successful the company is the more likely that the company will boast about how there culture catapulted them to the top of their industry. And those failing companies will be quick to state a change in their culture to try to make an attempt to appear that they are more dynamic and versatile.
             The are instances where a company has taken its Organizational Culture to far where it finds itself to be static and falling behind the curve. And also there are some instances where the company's Organizational Culture is not being adhered to at all, this would result in a company losing out because the policies that built the company are no longer followed. Organizational Culture is very important it must be exactly what it says, a "Culture". When companies lose site of their culture then it just becomes a joke, and when they take it too far it seems to more like a cult then a place for business. .
             It is very hard to maintain a perfect balance within a Organization, to make sure that the Organizational Culture is followed in the best interest of the company. In my opinion if the Organizational Culture is not followed as it is intended to be and if it cannot be revised when it is out of touch then that Organization will cease to exist for very long.

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