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A Broken Promise

            Nelly Rowland, a handsome young man with light brown almond shaped eyes and black curly hair grew up in the south of South-West Africa. His father, a handsome broad-shouldered tall man with dark brown eyes and curly hair died when Nelly was only three years old. His mother, a breathtakingly beautiful woman with light brown eyes and long straight hair died shortly after giving birth to her only child. .
             Kelly Rowland, a very beautiful young sexy lady with light blue eyes, luscious lips, a curvaceous body and long black hair grew up in the south of South-West Africa. Her father, a well respected and rich person in the world of business married a successful young beautiful lady who gave birth to their only daughter. Kelly received a lot of love from her mother when growing up. Her father was always too busy with his work making sure money was never a problem. Kelly got everything she wanted in life but when her mother died things got terrible and her father hired a baby sitter to look after his eight-year-old daughter. Love was the only thing missing from her life and she vowed that she would marry someone that will love her for who she is and not for her wealth or what she is. He would always be there for her when she needed him the most.
             One sunny afternoon, Nelly and Kelly met at a nightclub. There was an instant spark between them it was magical. Nelly, being the perfect gentleman greeted first and she replied. They were soon in a long conversation and enjoyed each other's company. It was clear they liked each other. They exchanged telephone numbers and decided to meet again. Their first outing together was memorable and they soon grew fond of each other. This was a hint for Kelly that she found the man of her dreams but was he really what he seemed she wondered.
             They did not know that Kelly's father killed Nelly's father. They were in a big business deal and Nelly's father was about to become rich but Kelly's father loved money too much and did everything to get Nelly's father's signature.

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