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The Broken Spears

             The Broken Spears written by Miguel Leon-Portilla is a book that goes into depth about the conquest of Mexico starting in 1519 from the point of view of the conquered Aztecs. The book talks about everything significant in the Aztec society that took place during this time of conquest. It goes over the first news of Cortez' and the Spaniards arrival. To Montecuhzoma's belief of the gods, and his association that he made between the Gods and the Spaniards. It goes over each single conquest That Cortez's troops made early. It also talks about the allies gained by the Spanish, and the acceptance of the Spanish and the surrender of Tenochtitlan. It also touches on the revolt of the Aztec people that lead to the terror and the end of the Aztec civilization. This book tells all this from the Aztec point of view. This book would be a great on to recommend to others.
             After reading this book one can say that the Aztec people went from the conquerors to the conquered. First the Aztecs were driven away by established tribes, then the Aztecs began to develop an empire of immense wealth and power by the late fifteenth century. The empire expanded to include many people from numerous tribes. One tribe that was apart of the Aztec empire were the Cempoala, who would later aid the Spanish in defeating the Aztecs. Because of the "Melting pot" within the empire, the Aztecs had a very diverse culture. However one man and his army brought the Aztecs to their knees. .
             On November of 1519, the Aztec leader Montezuma received reports of small mountains floating off the Mexican coast. At one point the Spaniards were thought of to be Quetzalcoatl, the legendary figure who had one day promised to return from across the ocean. In distress Montezuma sent messengers bearing gifts to the Spanish ships, in order to greet these "gods". But, the Aztec leader was not alone in his attempt to gain acceptance with these strangers.

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