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Pet Iggy Dead Iggy

            "Mommy" uttered Johnny as he awoke on his birthday. He is six years old today and almost a grown-up. Grown-ups have responsibilities and he is ready to get one of his own. "Mommy for my birthday I want a pet iguana." Her eyes open wider as he says this then she say what any "GOOD" parent would. "Well Johnny see having a pet is a big responsibility reserved for big people. You have to feed it, play with it, clean it and many other things." Later that day they leave the house to go to the local pet shop. .
             At the pet shop they go to the reptile section and are relieved to see "Green Iguanas only $19.99". So they by him, a 10 gallon tank, a heat rock and some bedding. They can just cut a branch off of a tree when the get home.
             When they get back home Johnny takes out his new pet. It is a beautiful tangerine phased green iguana with bright yellowish orange tips. As Johnny picks him up he begins to wiggle and jumps. Johnny reaches and grabs him by the tail and it comes right off. Now Iggy is tailless and left to suffer in his cage never taken out.
             Every morning as Johnny wakes up for school he feeds Iggy then leaves for school. After about two weeks he begins to get lazy and does not make a nice healthy salad for Iggy he just throws in some lettuce. As more time goes by he gets even lazier and does not even feed him some mornings. Soon he notices that Iggy is getting skinny and pale. But mommy and daddy refuse to take him to the vet because it would be cheaper to just buy another one. So with his fate sealed Iggy sits in his tiny 10-gallon tank with not much room. While starving until finally darkness takes over his eyes and dies alone with no one to care.
             Now lets go back to the beginning where the problem started when his parents said, "It's a big responsibility" what they should of done was looked up how to take care of one. And if the searched they would find out that. "It is estimated that of the two million iguanas imported every year, fifty percent are dead in the first six months and fifty percent of the survivors die in the next six months.

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