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The 70's

             Having to follow a decade like the sixties for music was indeed a formidable task. Sixties music was strong and powerful, with many of the artists now addressed as legends, such as The Rolling Stones and The Beetles. For many years the 70's were written off as a musically barren time as too much attention was paid to the "glitz&glam" rock scene of the early part of the decade. In recent years, however this has been redressed, now that it is clearly understood that many of the late sixties artists and bands "came of age" in the seventies. Many now feel that the seventies were a vintage decade.
             GLAM ROCK.
             Glam rock was a development of the early 70's with artists such as David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Gary Glitter and Sweet. The costumes and the look of these artists became as important as the music itself. Make-up and glitter, big hair and glamorous costumes, each were competing with each other.
             DAVID BOWIE.
             David Bowie definitely re-invented himself in the 70's. He had already released many records in the sixties, though none were successful. In the autumn of 1969 he finally broke through with "space oddity". In 1972 he brought out "Ziggy Stardust" this with all its glamour and make-up.
             MARC BOLAN.
             My mother would say he is the music of the 70's - he was her music idol. Between 1970-73, Marc Bolan and T-Rex enjoyed a run of 10 consecutive top-5 singles. They released singles such as "Children Of The Revolution" and "20th Century Boy".
             GARY GLITTER.
             Gary Glitter was all glitter: glitter suits, glitter platform boots and glitter make-up. Among his many U.K were three number 1 singles "I"m The Leader Of The Gang" "I Love You Love" and "Always Yours".
             Glam rock was phasing out in the mid-seventies, making way for new artists and a few one-hit-wonders. It was a big, fun-time-disco period with lots of disco records in the charts. There was also the on-going success of Elton John, Rod Stewart and also new artists such as ABBA and The Bay City Rollers.

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