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Preparing For An Eassay

             Before you start writing your essay the first thing you have to understand is the assignment. Make sure what your professor is asking for; what are the requirements for the essay. Make sure you read the assignment and look for key words, which will give you the main idea of what the writing essay requires. Check you notes and handouts, consult indexes guidelines and other library resources.
             Selecting a topic is one of the most important tasks. Before you finalize on any topic make sure the topic you are choosing requires little thinking for you. Another thing you have to make sure is that the topic has to be in your interest and something you would like to write about or search about. After you pick your topic brainstorm and free write for a little while to find more ideas about the topic and check how you like to write about the topic. Identify where and how you can find sources that would help you write your essay. Finding meaningful sources is one of the important task as you prepare to write or research. Give yourself enough time to find good sources; it takes a little bit of time to find the sources you will actually use. Research if you need to know more about the topic and plan how you are going to write the essay. Review if you are ready to move ahead.
             After you are done researching and collecting the information on the topic you may begin to develop a more focused and interest topic. Narrow down on your main idea which will you give rise to your thesis statement. A thesis statement is your main idea about the topic it usually highlights the condition and features of the topic. After you are done with you thesis statement write a rough draft. A draft is meant to pull together best of your planning and set the actual writing in motion. Begin writing your draft when you have found your central focus or promising starting point. Write freely with out being too concerned about you spelling and neatness; include as much detail as possible.

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