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Social Groups

             People have never lived alone since the human being was created. Everybody must live in a social group because of the necessities of each others. Social groups are defined as having two or more people interact and identity with one another. Adam and Eve were the first social group. Basic and most important social groups are the families also primary groups mean close friends, relatives and secondary groups mean colleagues, school friends and so on. There are several reasons why people join social groups. They also form the positive effects. Social groups have not only positive effects but also negative effects.
             Social groups have a big part in our lives. For instance, success or failure at school generally depends upon involvement in groups. According to a research by a professor at Harvard University concluded that the most effective strategy that undergraduates can pursue is to make alliances with fellow students, faculty members, and advisers not to try to brave the educational experience alone. Another point about this issue that is social groups is important for the patient. If patients enjoy the strong emotional support of family, friends or spouses; they will survive substantially longer than those who lack such support it is also valid for the prisoners who are maintained in solitary confinement. They reveal some of the appalling consequences of social isolation. Famous socialist Durkheim proved that social groups have positive effects on the rate of suicide that people feel happy with their friends so being together prevented to go in the depression. In addition to this he explains "In war time the suicide rate consistently goes down; despite war's ills, solidifies the nation, giving everyone a sense of belonging, identity and purpose. Also religious identification has a measurable effect upon suicide rate. It reduces the rate of suicide rate. Furthermore suicide rates increase in the later years of life because of the lack of group solidarity.

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