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Bloomsbury Group

             The Bloomsbury was the name given to the literary group that consisted of famous writers, artists and philosophers who lived in residential district near the British Museum in central London. The members of this group were individually known for their works in social sciences and arts that were chiefly motivated by a strong reaction against limitations of the late 19th century. .
             Bloomsbury group included the writers Virginia Woolf and her husband, Leonard Sidney Woolf, art critics Roger Fry and Clive Bell, the economist John Maynard Keynes, the biographer Lytton Strachey, the literary and drama critic Desmond MacCarthy, the novelist and essayist E. M. Forster, and the painters Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. .
             The group itself originated during the first quarter of the 20th century. Thoby Stephen who was the brother of Vanessa and Virginia Stephen was primarily responsible for establishing the group when he introduced his sisters to his friends from Trinity College in Cambridge. The group began as a social circle where these people meet together on Thursday nights for drinks and conversation. Most of conversations and philosophical discussions were committed to a rejection of strict, traditional rules governing social interaction in English society at that time. Its members criticized one another's work and were all devoted to experimentation. The paintings and literature that were produced by these talented individuals has profoundly affected the development of the modern art and literature in Britain. .
             They remained a fairly tight-knit group for many years. The group survived World War I but by the early 1930s had ceased to exist in its original form, having by that time merged with the general intellectual life of London. Due to its brilliance, variety and unique output, the group still remains as the focus of widespread study and popular interest.

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