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UPS Analysis

             Our mission at UPS is to help companies with their delivery needs, and to be there for them so that they can accomplish their goals and objectives. Our striving success is due to the confidence our customer's have in us in providing, a delivery service that makes their business and lives run more smoothly. Our vision is to become number one in the global delivery market, which is based on quick, secure, accurate, and on-time deliveries that businesses depend on a daily basis. .
             UPS- United Parcel Service.
             UPS is a 95-year-old company whose history spans from delivery on a bicycle to ordering on the Internet (http://www.ups.com). Jim Casey started the company with only $100 from a friend in 1907. Founder Jim Casey pioneered the idea of putting all packages for a single area into one delivery truck, and merged with a competitor to create Merchants Parcel Delivery in 1913. In 1918, United Parcel Service was formed and located in California (http://www.ups.com). .
             From just $100.00 in starting capital to 2002 revenues, which totaled to 31.1 billion last year, is a very impressive feat. Today it is the largest express carrier and the largest package handler in the world, and continues to develop the frontiers of logistics, supply chain management and e-Commerce . . . combining the flows of goods, information and functions (http://www.ups.com). .
             United Parcel Service offers many services to our customers, these services are implemented quickly, efficiently, and securely which in the end provide for a really reliable and on time delivery. .
             Jim Casey's strict policies include: customer courtesy, reliability, around-the-clock service and low rates, all of which have made it where it is today (http://www.ups.com). These principles have guided UPS to where they are today, are summarized by Jim's slogan: "Best Service and Lowest Rates." .
             There are many services that are offered that are all geared toward our customers.

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