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             In this article by Richard Cameron, an aerosol artist, his contention is very clear: get used to it, graffiti is here to stay. And the tone used in his article is somewhat arrogant and rebellious. Sentences such as "rage, rage as much as you like. Our tags and throw ups abound" depicts the arrogant nature of this article. And in his tone, it sounds as if though there's not much people can do about it in eradicating graffiti. As well as this, his use of exclusive language further shows his arrogance where he separates the normal people from the aerosol artists.
             A method of persuasion the writer used was the attacks on both the well heeled of the community and the politicians. He described the well-heeled of the community as having a hostile and belligerent attitude to the opinions and rights of young people. Well heeled people had all received good education however the writer attacks them by saying they have their own ethical and aesthetic values and they don't understand the artists" culture and language. The writer also attacked the politicians in his article by saying they"re vengeful in their motives in eradicating graffiti. However, the writer has generalized here in that not all of the well heeled in the community have a hostile and belligerent attitude towards young people. .
             Sarcasm was used here to assist in the writer's attacks. For example, the question "who needs education now?" was used after he said the well heeled of the community does not understand the artists" culture and language. It was used again when threats from politicians to ban graffiti artists from obtaining drivers license to further show the ridiculousness of the politician's threats.
             Another method of persuasion used by the writer is his appeal for the sympathy of the community. He described the world as having "high levels of young suicide; very few good jobs and media attacking youths". By saying this, hopefully the reader will be persuaded and start feeling guilty and sorry for the young artists.

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