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             My name is Toby and I"ll tell you about a time when I escaped modern day life.
             The sound of Home and Away fades away as I walk to the end of the block. Finally, I have a chance to escape modern life. Why don't they understand.
             the need to escape the world of television? .
             Everybody thinks that I am strange, and for some reason they choose to treat me as if I was an alien, or a refugee from Cambodia who still doesn't understand the ins and outs of Australian life. .
             I clutch my damaged leather Datner coat tighter around my tired body. In the steely grey waters of the ocean I felt a calmness roll over me. The hunger inside me grows stronger, to find a release from current society. Ahead I can see my goal, where the fleet of fishing boats slowly roll back and forth. That's where I have to go to escape present time. .
             Pausing for a moment, I look across the bay; I notice a school of fish and the gathering of tremendous fury. My set of fingers deftly twist and turn the choke, and my pull is rewarded with a roar from my tiny boat called the Eroara. Away I go in the direction of happiness and freedom.
             I follow the outward voyage towards the vast Pacific Ocean that lies beyond the bay. My life begins to unfold like a deck of cards. At last I am free, unable to notice any signs of Melbourne civilization.
             I have reached my goal of freedom, but suddenly my heart is in my throat now, I look up and see the violent gathering of clouds bubble in fury above my head. Yet even as I face certain death, I feel a sense of joy and excitement. Death draws near as the storm grows. .
             The boat starts to climb up the face of an enormous wave like the Apollo 13 rising towards the Moon. I AM FREE! But just as I reach the top and look down into the deep black water my boat settles back down and the storm draws to a close.
             I now realise the huge depths of modern life to which I had abandoned, and how badly I was hurt, or killed from it.

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