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             According to the author, the major impact of Alexander was that he conquered many places such as Babylon and Persia. AAlexander was as much a soldier as a commander, seeking for himself the rich trophy of killing the king.A Page 42. This quote relates to the impact that Alexander made is that he really wanted to be at the top of conquering all places. This is the major impact of Alexander because he is well known for conquering places. Another reason is that since he captured towns in such a harsh way. Word spread that he did this to towns, and he is probably one of the few leaders that would ruin a town. He took over a lot of land and was young so other people from other places had to have noticed that he took over a lot of land. .
             While he was conquering this much of land he became cruel. He started to torture anyone who disagreed with him. The people that were around him told people they knew that Alexander would do this so for this example Alexander became poplar because people tell other people. (Like a chain) .
             Alexander overcame many obstacles in his life. One challenge that Alexander faced was that him and his army had to fought the many of Persians when he was leading his army to camp from winning a battle. The army was weary from fighting. Out of nowhere the Persians came out. The Persian army came toward the army but Alexander attacked. AThe entire armies did not clash with greater violence than these makeshift companies@ page 90. Finally the Persians gave up, spilt up into groups and left. Alexander didn=t have any wounds. He led his army back to camp safely. .
             The amount of people that died in the battle was about forty thousand Persians and only about three hundred Macedonians. A This victory, however, the King owed more to his own heroism than to good luck: it was his courage not the location as before, that won the day.@ Page 90. This event was an obstacle for Alexander because he didn=t know if his army and him would make it out alive or not.

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