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Advanced Life Support

             There comes a time in ones life that something terrible wrong happens. Something we never want to face but happen any way because of something or somebody that made a terrible decision that ended with disaster. What would one do if their body sustained bodily harm or malfunctions? The only thing they can really do is call 911 and dispatch an Emergency Medical Response team otherwise known as EMS. EMS provides the best and only advanced life support in the nation. Things happen in this world that a normal individual person cannot fix and only have just a matter of time to do so. As an EMS provider they call this time the golden hour because that is all they have to work with from the tome the situation happens to the time they arrive at the hospital. EMS deals with the life threatening calls, the mentally insane and the harsh environments. .
             It's a normal day here in Pleasantville the kids are getting ready for school. The Mother watches happily as the children walk outside and wait for the school bus. Little they know a fifty seven year old man has been out drinking all morning by him and finally decided to drive himself home. The school bus stops to pick the kids up and as the children cross the road one child gets clipped by the drunk driver. All the mother can do is watch in horror as girl is thrown twenty feet in the air. The mother calls 911 and EMS is dispatched. While the driver keeps going a patrol car parked on the side of the road a few miles away from the accident noticed how oddly he was driving so he tries to pull him over he refused and they begin a dangerous high-speed pursuit. Meanwhile, EMS-1 pulls up on scene the mother is franticly crying and screaming "somebody help me please!" The medical response team discovers the little girl may have suffered severe spinal damage and is in an unstable condition. EMS rushes the little girl to the hospital while doctors to tests to find out their worst fears; the little girl is paralyzed and will never walk again.

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