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Sam and the Magic Turtle

             Once upon a time there was a young man, named Samurai who found a turtle shell in an ancient pond. Sam, as his friends called him, didn't think the turtle shell was anything special. As he was walking home he studied the shell with a disgusted look and threw it to the side. Once he turned his back to the shell big gusts of wind wrapped around the turtle shell. Suddenly a turtle was inside of the shell. The turtle walked up to Sam and said that he"d grant him three wishes. Sam didn't believe the turtle, but decided to play along with his little joke.
             Sam decided to make his first wish something simple, he figured if the turtle couldn't grant a simple wish then he had no powers at all. Sam wished that he could have a great feast waiting for him on the table when he got home. The turtle granted his wish, and when Sam arrived at his house there was mountains of chicken, beef, and pork. When he ate his fill of that, platters of potatoes, beans, and rice magically floated to the table. He watched as each plate of food he finished another was set in front of him by and unseen force. After he got done eating, Sam picked up the turtle and went to his room. He made a little bed for the turtle and they fell asleep fast.
             The next day, Sam got up early to check the plates. After he looked at each and every plate in his kitchen he came to the conclusion that the turtle really was magical. When the turtle woke up and wondered into the living room, he found Sam sitting on the couch smoking his pipe and pondering, "How could a turtle get magic powers?" The turtle laughed to himself and interrupted Sam out of his thought by saying, "I bet you think that I"m some sort of mutant, that somehow my shell attracts clay, and that was how I was able to bring you plates upon plates of food." "This could be logical," continued the turtle, "however, where would I, being a simple little turtle and all, have the capabilities to provide you with such food?" "So you really are magical?" exclaimed Sam in an astonished voice.

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