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Welfare System

             The welfare reform movement of the 1990's took many people out of the welfare system and put them in a financial situation where they are barely able to survive. During these years the government reduced welfare assistance to families to a temporary basis and cut back billions of federal aid that they were providing to the system. As a result, our welfare system has basically diminished.
             To many people, the Welfare Reform Act can be seen as a positive approach in reducing unnecessary government spending. After all, everyone should work in this country if they want to eat, shouldn't they? Is this spending really unnecessary? For many people welfare has become a way of life. Instead of working to pay for everyday needs, they receive welfare benefits through the government, food stamps and additional aid by means of subsidized housing. However, for others, such as immigrants, welfare benefits mean freedom and a civilized lifestyle that would not be possible in their country of origin.
             Six years ago, lawmakers revamped the nation's welfare system, putting time limits on cash assistance, making recipients work for their welfare check and giving states the money to provide child and health care. The Welfare Reform Act's main focus was to encourage people to provide for themselves. However, the Act does not take into account the needs of people. For many, welfare can be something to overcome, but for others, their survival is dependent upon welfare. Taking away welfare is a punishment and/or taking away a positive stimulus. Is our country's objective to punish people who are unable to find employment?.
             The major provisions of the new system included:.
             Each state had more control over the government funding.
             All individuals are required to work within two years of receiving cash assistance.
             There is a five-year limit, or less (depending on the State you live in), in which an individual may receive assistance.

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