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Improving the Welfare System

            The American welfare system is a misguided program. Many people need this aid due to long-term illness, injury or temporary financial difficulties. However, there are those who abuse and take advantage of this privilege. .
             It's a well-known fact that many people collecting welfare abuse drugs. It is also safe to say that often welfare dollars are spent on fast food, alcohol and other unnecessary items. Where does the government draw the line between helping those truly in need and giving free handouts to those who could work their way to a good financial life for themselves. .
             America is already in a huge deficit and the welfare program is only adding to the problem. The government hands out 131.9 million dollars in welfare checks every year - and this amount does not factor in the percentage of welfare recipients who also receive food stamps. Currently there are 4,300,000 on welfare and 46,700,000 on food stamps. .
             Prior to the Great Depression of the late 1920's and 1930's, there was no systematic federal service for providing help or relief to struggling citizens. State programs were formed and charity was sporadically offered by various church organizations and community efforts. As the Great Depression spread across the United States, it was clear that some type of system was necessary to help the homeless and jobless in our country. .
             President Franklin Roosevelt proposed a massive overhaul of government by devising the New Deal in the 1930's, which was a package of various social and welfare benefits aimed at relieving the effects of the Great Depression. The reality of this new welfare state would lead to much debate and controversy in political, social, and economic realms. .
             At first, the program seemed very promising and able to help people who were truly in need. But ass time went on, people began taking advantage of the program, finding loop holes and lying to get free benefits.

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