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             The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) currently lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. A Schedule 1 drug, to law enforcement, is any illegal substance, which is used only for recreation. To some, this may seem to be a misnomer-cocaine is not even identified in this category. The argument that marijuana has been "proven- to have medicinal applications may appear relevant in this case- would that not illustrate marijuana's non-recreational relevance? There is only anecdotal evidence for this application of the drug, however. The simple fact is, that, when exploring the case for the legalization of marijuana, there is no sound, logical reason for legalization. There are, on the other hand, an abundance of reasons disputing the legalization of the drug. These reasons range from social issues to health issues, but they all revolve around the same premise that the original law was devoted to "the preservation of the health and safety of everyone in America.
             One of the most sociologically valid reasons for preventing the legalization of marijuana is the safety of children in America. Marijuana has been identified, through countless sociological research studies, as a "gateway- drug. If this drug is more readily available than it is already, the theory is that usage of the drug will increase. If usage increases, the likelihood that those who have used marijuana will begin using other illegal .
             substances, like heroine, will increase as well. This, in turn, becomes a problem for law enforcement and the courts, as crime associated with the drug trade blossoms. At a very basic economic level, the cost of legalizing marijuana would be fed to everyone, through the advent of new taxes to fund the rehabilitation of an ever burgeoning drug addicted population. The negative socioeconomic effects of a drug and its use in a population do not simply disappear if the drug is legalized.
             The major issues in this battle to keep marijuana illegal, however, are the health risks involved with smoking "pot-.

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