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Win the Battle Without the War

            In this time of uncertainty people are forced to make a decision as .
             to weather they do or do not support the use of military action to solve .
             global disputes. War, in my opinion, is not an option and thousands of .
             people agree with this as they are protesting the ongoing dispute in Iraq .
             around the world. There are many reasons not to go to war and despite .
             what many people may believe, there are peaceful alternatives to .
             military action. .
             It is a common belief, after WWII that when a country goes to .
             war it's economy will receive a boost as a result of the war effort. .
             According to 2001 Nobel Prize winner for Economics Joseph Stiglitz, .
             people hoping for an economic boom from a war with Iraq will be .
             disappointed and in fact a war with Iraq will have a very negative .
             impact on the global economy. (The News Strait Times, Oct. 15/2002) .
             Times have changed and unless the entire country is affected, like with .
             WWII, the economy will not be boosted. We have already seen an .
             extreme rise in gas and oil prices as a result of the war with Iraq right .
             here in Canada, many people are barely surviving in order to pay the .
             ridiculous bills. .
             Vivienne Nathan, the head of science and ethics at the British .
             Medical Association says that even in the cleanest, most limited conflicts .
             people die and people suffer. (NewScientist.com news service Nov. .
             12/2002) In any conflict there is the element of the suffering of the .
             people in that country. In the ongoing U.S./Iraq war hunger and .
             disease are threatening the lives of millions of Iraqi people. No matter .
             what humanitarian relief is provided a lot of innocent people will suffer .
             or die. In any war there are casualties of solders on the battlefields but .
             no matter what precautions the opposing parties take to minimize .
             civilian casualties there will always be the unavoidable deaths of .
             innocent people "caught in the crossfire" so to speak. According to The .
             United States Civil War Center Website, in Vietnam an estimated 587 .

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