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A Killer Addiction

             In many cases the word addiction is linked to drugs or alcohol. In reality there are many things a person can become addicted to. Some of these addictions may be harmful, or even fatal. The addiction to food is the cause of 300,000 deaths a year, and the number is still rising. In many cases this addiction can lead to physical and mental problems. Sadly, it may even lead to death. Many people take the thought of someone being addicted to food as a joke, but it is a true addiction that is becoming more common throughout the United States. Most food addicts, just like many other addicts, know the risks of excessive food intake, and think "It will never happen to me." .
             Julia Hart, a registered nurse, even over looked the consequences when she began overeating. All her life she had been a petite woman. In her mid-thirties she became addicted to food and began to put on weight. Even though she saw many patients who suffered from obesity related health problems and knew the risks of becoming overweight herself, she continued to eat excessively. Now in her early fifties her addiction is taking a turn for the worse. She suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure, some respiratory problems, and even has trouble getting around because of her weight. She now sees a trainer who is trying to help her bring her weight down by working out and eating healthy. This may not eliminate theses health problems, but it will significantly reduce them. Although Julia is working to become healthy again, her addiction has made the task of getting her weight down a struggle. She can only work for short periods of time because of the trouble breathing and the pain that comes with too much movement. In .
             her case, Julia is getting help for her addiction, but there are many addicts who don't. Those who don't are risking their lives.
             Being addicted to food and becoming overweight can be a life threatening situation.

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