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            " If you come to the end of your rope -- tie a knot in it and hold on.
             Every individual, whether it is known in their heart, felt in their soul, or thought in their mind lives by a maxim; a saying that allows endless hopes and dreams to flourish within. The words, not always at hand or familiar, direct the daily actions of life within human existence. A maxim leads the path of an individual's life; it is never ending and never just beginning, only continuous.
             Throughout the course of a lifetime an individual will undoubtedly encounter trials and formulate the appropriate solution for those trials encountered. This chosen maxim is so important because it helps to give encouragement to persons struggling in a time of testing trials. It helps to point out that, if you have tried everything else and there is no other way to work through the trial you are facing, to hold on and wait things out. It also helps to prove that only an individual can really save himself no matter how much others try to help.
             This maxim is applied to everyday life in the present in many ways; through school, homework, jobs, and family life. This maxim is extremely helpful when it comes to school and homework because that is how most of a typical day is spent and they pose the most important challenges to a teenager. There are always deadlines and certain expectations to live up to and that is enough to overload a teenager and discourage them. However, this maxim implies that if you keep hanging on things are bound to improve or at least not get any worse.
             This maxim is also very helpful for the future. It can help in suggesting a couple of helpful hints before entering into a situation where the results are not known. It can help suggest that the "knot in your rope" be tied before you begin so that you will never worry about falling. It can also be used to show the individual that they do have something to hang on to through rough times, that they will not just hit the bottom.

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