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             Why do women get mad or upset about how they are portrayed? In this magazine Maxim, famous women allow themselves to be exposed on the cover. Also normal everyday women write in and tell about sex experiences they have had. But they are still quick to say it is negative. What I am going to be talking about is some of the articles in this magazine and how they affect me and what I think of them.
             On the cover of there October 21, 2001 is Jolene Blalock who is the star of the new Star Trek show and she is in a beautiful white cotton swimsuit. The article is called Star Date. There is a picture of her lying out across two pages in a sexual position with no top on and a small pair of shorts. I think that there is nothing bad about this because she is a beautiful woman and if she feels comfortable with her body to show it off, then there should be know reason why she should not be able to show this. The problem is that there are people who have a negative opinion saying that women should not portray themselves like this. Who should have the right to say what some other adult can do and not do, as long as it's legal? .
             In the article they talk about the same things that most other magazine article are about, for example like what do you think about your character, any crazy fans, and where are from and what kind of kid were you. She does not hold anything back by admitting that she dropped out of high school and smoked pot and took a lot of acid. Now if there is anything to talk negative about is that you should tell kids they can not expect to be able to do drugs and turn out to be a famous model and television star. I give her credit because she does not hold those negative back and uses her looks and ability to become a model and actress.
             There is an article with an original goodfellas Mobster who is Henry Hill. It talks about where they use to meet other mobsters always in restaurants and how they use to do business.

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