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"Maxim"izing Gender in Adverti

             The magazine Maxim has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to sexually related content. All through out a Maxim magazine are pictures of attractive, sexually stimulating women and sexually driven articles. So, it is no surprise that the television advertisement for Maxim's new CD is sexually driven. Not only is it sexually driven, but it exploits our society's gender stereotypes and roles. Several advertisements use the same strategy to sell their products. Combined with humorous content, Maxim's TV spot uses stereotypical gender roles that are seen through out society to provoke feelings of comfort and familiarity to sell its product.
             The first thing that catches one's eye in the commercial is the quality of film and the camera angles. The quality of film on television is usually very crisp and clear. It is easily distinguished from home video or amateur filming. Maxim's commercial has a film quality that is grainy and resembles home footage more so than typical commercial film. This immediately lets the viewer know that this is real footage and they are partaking in voyeurism. The camera angle further develops the feeling that this commercial is genuine and involves real people. The first view is from a camera that is on the ceiling. It angles down similar to how a security camera would. The second view leads one to believe that a camera has actually been place in the glasses of the man who is confronting the strangers in this advertisement. The idea of using real footage helps the consumer relate to the commercial and adds to the humor value. .
             The beginning of the commercial features a casually dressed man that is wearing glasses in a record store. He approaches an average man that is browsing through the CD selection. The man in glasses greets the other man with the phrase "A woman would like to buy you a CD." A bewildered look is the response the average man gives.

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